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Automatic Opening Gate

This was a custom made gate, powder coated and wired up for automatic opening, The fence is macrocarpa posts with waratahs and rabbit fencing.

With the extreme weather here in Wanaka wood is prone to warp, And that’s why we build our frames with metal.

Custom Cedar Gate with Slopped Driveway

This custom made gate with cedar on the front ticks all the boxes, It’s double opening so you can get a trailer in, It can be used as a pedestrian gate, and it looks really good. Sean [...]

Wood Shed

There’s nothing worse than wet wood and a cold house, It’s an easy solution really, build a wood shed.

Kwila Wood Shed

We can sustom build your wood shed to any style and shape, This wood shed has a kwila finish

Retaining Wall

Before you start your Landscaping you need to get the foundations sorted, start with the retaining.

New Build Retaining

We pride our selves in delivering on time.  This client had a weeks window for us to get the job done. TICK

New Deck / Old House

Come summer time this will be a mint place to have a few cold beers. We picture frame our decks.

Northlake Wanaka Fence

It’s called Hit and Miss it’s a paling fence that looks the same on both sides and it’s what’s required in Northlake

Metal Frame Gates

We all know how extreme Wanaka weather is, this causes wood to move, to help combat movement we make our gates out of metal frames.

Panel Fencing

Here’s a nice alternative to a fence, Your not wanting complete block out but wanting a bit of privacy, with a bit of greenery in front what a smart looking Panel Fence this could look.

Macrocarpa Fence

This style macrocarpa fence is a real beauty, this fence will silver off over time but if desired you can stain it to keep the natural colour.

Macrocarpa Fence with Exposed Post

Macrocarpa fence with exposed posts and gaps between the palings, This is a top of the line wooden fence, the capping and exposed post makes it stand out from any other paling fence.      

Rebuild Deck

This job involved removing the old decking, We kept the original framing and laid new kwila on top. The deck rebuild turned out really good the clients were over the moon.      

Metal Frame Cedar Gate

We constructed the frame on this new cedar gate out of mild steel, The cedar wood will eventually fade to the same shade as the house unless you stain it regulary.  

On Trend Fence

The great thing about this fence is that it looks great from both sides. We sloped the driveway and stepped the main road.  

Replacement Fence in Wanaka

Originally there was a very lopped sided old wooden fence with a healthy gate attached to it. With this job we removed the old Wanaka fence carefully took down the gate, keeping in mind we wanted [...]

Macrocarpa Fence

What the client wants the client gets, Originally there was a massive hedge where the new macrocarpa fence now is. The two neighbours agreed since the hedge meant there was full privacy that they [...]


This is a macrocarpa pergola we built in Wanaka just a couple of days work bish bash boom and its up, We also built a horizontal sun screen to protect  from Otagos intense sun especially good for [...]

Custom Made Gates

In my past life I made furniture for a living, so when some one asks me to make a gate with a bit of spunk I get a little excited, we threw around ideas, such as what look they were after and [...]

Wanaka Fencers

Pine Posts with Colour Panel sheets is the look our Wanaka client wanted, I must say as Wanaka fencers its one of my favourite style fence especially with the already established gardens.  In [...]

Deck Builders in Wanaka

Not only do we do fences in Wanaka we put our hand to decking. In this case our client wanted seating built into the deck we used 140mm kwila boards. This new deck is like adding another room [...]

Fencing in Wanaka

If your going to do it, you may as well do it right! This on trend Wanaka fence was built to keep the family dog in he’s a precious pooch, When we built this colour slat fence we kept in [...]

Fresh Look Fence

What a difference this new colour steel fence has made to this Wanaka house, Our client choose to go with a frost coloured fence to match the colour of there shed, We added to double opening [...]

Horizontal Macaropara Fence

This macrocarpa boundary fence involved four neighbours agreeing on the horizontal fence design. To start the job we needed to build a retaining wall from there we dug holes and concreted the [...]

Colour Steel Fencing

Here at Wanaka fencing we go out of our way to ensure our clients get what they want, We came in and removed old over grown plants and an old rotten wooden fence  Coloured steel fencing was a [...]

Colour Slat Fence

These clients are stoked with the end product there’s no doubt about it colour slat fences look very stylish, Our clients choose this fence as there were looking for more of a screen than a [...]

Pailng boundary Fence

We built this pine paling boundary fence at 1.8 meters high the client wanted a bit of privacy, the enterance into her drive way was rather tight so at the entrance of her drive we sloped the [...]

Paling Fence with gaps

Paling fence 1.5 high, This fence was built for a bit of privacy, they weren’t after a complete block, this is why the fence has small gaps.

We have the right Fencing & Decking Solution for your project.

Contact Sean on 021 567 115